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Lemtapes Oy

Name Lemtapes Oy
Address affiliate of H.B.Fuller, Tikinmaantie 66
Postal code 37630
  • Adhesives
  • Adhesives: Label glues
  • Adhesives: Laminating glues
  • Adhesives: Hot melt adhesives
  • Tapes: Sealing tapes, double sided
  • Tapes: Tear strips
  • Tapes: Reinforcement tapes
  • Handles: Integrated and detachable handle solutions for carton box
  • Applicators (dispenser and beam) for applying reinforcement and opening tapes
A representative for trade marks and names such as:
  • Advantra®:
  • Advantra® Earthic™:
  • BAM®:
  • BAM™:
  • BAMFutura®:
  • BAMFutura™:
  • Clarity™:
  • Fingerlift Tape:
  • H.B. Fuller™:
  • LEMTAPES: Carton Tape, Open Tape, Eco Tape, Pure Tape, Fingerlift Tape, Dispenser & Beam application system
  • Open Sesame®:
  • Pressen™ H.B Fuller® Earthic™:
  • Sesame® Tape:
  • Signacoll™:
  • Swift® melt:
  • Swift® tak:
A representative for manufacturers of packaging products such as: