Suomen Pakkausyhdistys ry

Packaging directory

Walki Oy

Name Walki Oy
Address Ahventie 4 A 15
Postal code 02170
Post office ESPOO
Tel +358205363111
  • Building materials: Roof underlayment
  • Product packages: Deep-freeze packages
  • Foils: Bidegradable films
  • Bags: Bidegradable carrier bags
  • Wrappers: Wrappers for rolls
  • Wrappers: Wrappers for timber
  • Laminates
  • Laminates: Flowpack-laminates
  • Laminates: Deepdrawing laminates
  • Bags: Bidegradable bags
  • Coated fabrics
  • Bags: Bidegradable sacks
  • Creped paper
  • Vacuum packages
  • Coated paper and board: PE coated paper and board
  • Coated paper and board: Dispersion coated paper and carton
  • Papers and cartons: Protective papers
  • Papers and cartons: Aluminiumlaminated board and paper
  • Papers and cartons: Special board and paper
  • Papers and cartons: Plastic laminated paper and board
  • Papers and cartons: Building papers
  • Papers and cartons: Laminated paper and carton
  • Package inner parts: Anti-corrosion material
  • End slips
  • Coating
  • Printing: Digital Printing
  • Printing: Flexographic printing
  • Lamination
A representative for trade marks and names such as:
  • BIOSKA: biohajoavat pussit, kassit, säkit ja kalvot
  • PIKPAK: roskapussit ja jätesäkit
A representative for manufacturers of packaging products such as: