Suomen Pakkausyhdistys ry

Packaging directory

RKW Finland Oy

Name RKW Finland Oy
Address PL 22
Postal code 28601
Post office PORI
Tel +35825178899
  • Strech hood tubes
  • Foils: Antistatic films
  • Foils: Shrink films
  • Foils: Multiply films
  • Foils: Printed FFS-films
  • Foils: Polyethylene films
  • Pallet hoods
  • Wrappers: Wrappers for timber
  • Laminates
  • Coated fabrics
  • Bags: Antistatic sacks
  • Plastic sacks:
  • Plastic sacks:
  • Plastic sacks: sacks with handle
  • Plastic sacks: Multiply sacks
  • Plastic sacks: filter sacks
  • Papers and cartons: Coated paper and board
  • ESD Control Products
  • Printing: Flexographic printing
  • Lamination
A representative for trade marks and names such as:
  • HANDISAC: kahvallinen säkki
  • R-HC: korkeakiiltoinen kalvo
  • R-MULTIPACK: painettu ryhmäkutistekalvo
A representative for manufacturers of packaging products such as: