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Satatuote Oy

Name Satatuote Oy
Address PL 77
Postal code 26101
Post office RAUMA
Tel +358108336700
  • Product packages: Diagnostic platforms
  • Product packages: Pharmaceutical packaging, plastics
  • Product packages: Plastic Food packaging
  • Bidegradable films: PLA-films
  • Foils: Polypropylene films
  • Foils: Polystyrene laminates
  • Cartons: of plastics
  • Blister packs
  • Plastic cans
  • Packaging trays
  • Packaging trays: Deep drawn packaging trays
  • Packaging design
  • Conveyor systems and system parts:
A representative for trade marks and names such as:
  • MARVAN: Bio, polystyrene, polypropylene, Intelligent Systems
A representative for manufacturers of packaging products such as: